Oil Boiler Services

Here at Ryedale, we service any type of oil fired boiler.

We also deal with faults and problems with your oil boilers.  We try and get to faults as quickly as possible but please bear with us in the colder months as it does get extremely busy!


Oftec Registered

As Oftec registered engineers we can provide landlords with CD12 certificates as well as householders with a CD11 as part of the annual service.    As part of this process we do encourage householders to have their boilers serviced annually.

Extra Information:

We offer a range of services, which include;

– Oil Fired Boiler installations
– Boiler Servicing and Maintenance
– Boiler Repairs
– Electric Radiators

HINTS AND TIPS:  We will often ask if you have plenty of oil if you ring with a fault on your boiler.  Please don’t be offended, its surprising how often this can be the cause!  Checking you have plenty of oil is always a good thing before giving us a ring and to save a call out.  If  you do run out, make sure the boiler isn’t running when you have your delivery.  A new oil delivery often stirs up any sediment at the bottom so leaving a bit of time before restarting the boiler may help.

We also recommend having your boiler serviced during the summer months.  Simply because it will be used less during this time and most faults occur during the winter which means we do get extremely busy!  So getting a service during the warmer months means your boiler should be set up and ready for the winter to keep you warm.